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Excited and glad to be a partner of @TeamStreamGifts also thankful to my community for the incoming gifts! If you want to see what’s on my list, take a peek!

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Google Fiber

Last night I had my first taste of google fiber in the wild. Let me tell you. I feel like the world has been wronged. I compared the speed to the best speeds I have had around the country. It is a minimum of 100x faster than any speed I have experienced anywhere. Fiber has […]

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Light at the end of the tunnel

We have a small progress report. I now have temporary glasses allowing me to be able to see the computer screen but not much else. I should resume my regular streaming schedule after doing a couple test streams. I look forward to seeing you all back in chat.

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We got Merch!

Post your best Coach Merch photo on twitter and tag #truestory. We are doing #giveaways!  

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Coach Candies

We are excited to announce that Coach Candies are now available. If you have ever wanted a chocolate chess set, your time is now. I am excited to say that Lunar Wolf Treats has graciously made available these chess sets for a limited time basis. Don’t miss your opportunity to order!┬áCandy

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Redesign and Return

Coach is hard at work getting things ready for a fantastic return. We appreciate your patience and will see you soon!

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