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Why don’t I resign?

This is a common question that I hear when streaming. I would like to offer my top ten reasons why I don’t resign chess games. I am not a Grandmaster. There are too many positions that I haven’t seen. You can’t possibly win a game by giving up. Losing is Learning. Despite the fact that […]

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Tricky Knight gets the Master
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Losing is Learning

Today, I share a game that I lost. This game was played by Jason Pierre Sweeney and had several awesome moments. I hope you enjoy.

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Tricky Knight has one job!

The tricky knight is my favorite chess piece. It is often an underutilized piece and stepchild to the bishop. However, it is the one piece that can be often be an equalizer. Even if you are down material, don’t count yourself out if you have a knight wandering the board.

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99.1% Accuracy

I played the black pieces against a 2100+ player. The game was fairly straight forward, so I was quite surprised to see the computer evaluation. I believe this might be my highest accuracy score to date.

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(B00)Nimzowitsch Defense Declined Colorado Countergambit Accepted

I have always been told the best way to refute a gambit is to accept it. Here we see a Nimzowitsch Defense Declined Colorado Countergambit Accepted. A mouthful to say the least. I actually saw this same opening twice from my expert ranked opponent. Both times he lost.

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Worrall Attack

Here is another combination attack. How many different threats can you spot?

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Qg4 Anti-Computer line (French)

I am working on this line in the French where white plays an early Qg4. The computer often evaluates the position better for black. It is very difficult to solve over the board, which also makes it easy to spot computer cheaters on

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Worrall Attack strikes again

I played a 3 min game against another expert. This was game 3 of our mini-match. I am a fan of keeping the light square bishop in this attack and it get’s really interesting with his knight on a5 for so long. I tried to attack 3 points at once which is a common theme […]

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Happy 4th of July. Royal Arena King’s Streamers Tournament

We finished 51st place with over 500 players competing in the Royal Arena King’s Chess Tournament. I have included the stream in it’s entirety on youtube here.

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