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Ramblings from a chess coach on a mission

So we played in a chess tournament this weekend and finished in 1st place with a score of 3.5/4.

It was a good event for me in general because I was able to increase my rating by 40 points. I need several more of these type successes to reach my goal of National Master.

Co-Champion NM Scott Varagona

I started the event off pretty nervous but regained composure during my first round.

I didn’t have internet access pretty much the entire weekend, which was the most difficult thing about the trip. I realized how dependent I had become on having access to information. I exhausted my poor little data plan on my mobile device in a few hours.

Using my laptop without internet access was simply odd. I realized, I had no decent chess databases on my laptop. No decent engine and basically no reference material. The internet has become my crutch.

So as I write this blog, I am downloading stockfish, chessbase and a couple of million game databases for offline access. This is going to be critical for the rest of my summer endeavor.

I am also tempted to download a few movies, but then I would be back in the land of distraction.


  1. Hello coach I’m your new Twitch subscriber I hope we can play a blitz game someday, I follow you in I can challenge you.

  2. Yeah coach, the internet has made playing chess easier, but has made it also harder as we become dependent on the instantaneous capabilities of it. Good idea to get your offline resources sorted, I think I will do the same. Thanks for the word.