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Why don’t I resign?

This is a common question that I hear when streaming. I would like to offer my top ten reasons why I don’t resign chess games.

  1. I am not a Grandmaster. There are too many positions that I haven’t seen.
  2. You can’t possibly win a game by giving up.
  3. Losing is Learning. Despite the fact that I might have an inferior position. This doesn’t meant that I can’t find accurate moves in the remainder of the game.
  4. My opponents often let their guard down once they get a perceived advantage.
  5. The objective of chess is checkmate not to get a winning position.
  6. I have beaten way too many titled chess players from an inferior position.
  7. I want to enjoy every opportunity to learn
  8. I play chess for fun and enjoyment.
  9. If you win every game can you possibly improve?
  10. It’s my prerogative.

Sicilian Defense: Open, Accelerated Dragon, Maroczy Bind Formation

English Opening: Fianchetto, Ultra-Symmetrical, Duchamp Variation, 7…d6