March u1800 Shootout #1 March 2nd.

Final Standings

Solomon Matthias3.51st Place
Devin Nash3.51st Place
Samhitha Dasari32nd Place
Shyam Dasari32nd Place
Alex Little2.5
Ken Moody2.5
Kavin Kumaresan2.5
Pranav Koushik2.51st Place u1000
Shiraja Abayanathan2
Dionte' Frost2
Javon Bonds2
Eddie Davis1.5
Nasir Muhammad1.5
Rasheed Muhammad1
Darius Frost1
Keaton Tsepas1
Evan Allen 1
Alake Jacobs.5

735228_466149046779189_354859047_nThis will be a U1800 Open tournament. Actual class prizes will be determined based on entries. This event will take place after the Master Challenge #3. Depending on participation, we may run this event simultaneously in the future.

Mar. 2, 2013

March u1800 Shootout #1

4SS G/30; d/5. Players must bring their own clocks. Boards will be provided.  Registration 3pm-4pm. Entry Fee $25 online; $30 on site. No checks onsite, Credit Cards okay.

First round 4:15pm.

64 Squares Chess Club, 1083 Austin Ave., NE, Atlanta, GA 30307. Open to maximum 1799 rating. Must have 1799 rating or below. USCF rated.

One half point bye allowed during registration. ENT: 404-492-9039. INFO: Frank Johnson frankjohnson@chess-coach.net

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