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The Power of Pawns

I just received an email about this new book offering from New In Chess. The book is written by Jörg Hickl. My initial evaluation is that this is a good book. This will be my first purchase using the NIC ebook system, so I may be offering a review of that separately. New In Chess […]

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Bertrout Comes to Atlanta? I shall resign Olipals Love Streamgifts package opening GG Baby OGPoinkie Love Coming to Dinner Grandmaster Scalp

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NBL Cagematch

I am looking forward to this exciting cagematch vs. Michigan’s Joseph Gadson. We will be playing a total of 21 games. The match will be live on May 11 at 8pm. Tune in and show your support.

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Announcing First-Ever Cash Prize Tournament For Premium Members is launching a historical new event: For the first time ever, all premium members (diamond, platinum, gold, and titled) can compete for cash prizes in the inaugural Premium Arena. With special rating classes and streamer prizes, is offering up to $4,500 in prizes for the first event. The Premium Arena kicks off on Sunday, May 3 at 10 […]

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About Lessons Merchandise Member Videos

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Book a Chess Lesson

The new book a chesson lesson function is now online.

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Quick Chess Tactics

I am happy to announce that we have resolved our book deal. Look forward to seeing Quick Chess Tactics online and with booksellers near you.

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Chess Master

The journey to chessmaster has been a difficult one. I have learned a lot about myself and my game. There have been times when I have felt in tournament play that I was just better. There have also been times when I have relaxed on my opponents. This has taught me that focus and concentration are […]

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